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Technical Support

This section of the website links to continually updated technical support information relating to VirtualAcorn products. Please scroll down this page to see all of the links that are available.



'VirtualRPC in Use' - FREE ebook

We are offering everyone a free copy of the 'VirtualRPC in use' ebook. This e-book is based on revised versions of the long running series of articles in Archive magazine. In addition the authors have been writing new articles based on feedback from readers. These articles are also available free of charge. There is a lot of very useful information contained in 'VirtualRPC in use' and we strongly suggest that all our customers download a free copy of the main book and the supplementary articles.


Buying a new PC

If you are buying a new PC, either a desktop or a laptop, in order to run VirtualAcorn products then it's worth reading our quick guide on the subject. It could save you buying the wrong machine for the job.


Specifications required to run VirtualAcorn products

Any modern PC running a 32bit or 64bit version of Windows, or any modern Apple computer running a 32bit or 64bit version of Mac OS X can run our products. This page gives you detailed information on the specification you need to run our products. Only very old PCs, or those that have been supplied for an embedded process, are likely to fail to mean the minimum specifications.


Support - Our customer commitment

Unlike some companies we do not charge for technical support. All of our products ship with one year of FREE technical support (from the date on your invoice/receipt) via phone or e-mail.

Support via phone/e-mail

We are a small company and have limited resources and so cannot guarantee that we will be able to offer an instant reply to any phone or e-mail queries. However we will always do our best to answer any questions as quickly and efficiently as we are able. Our office hours are 10:00am to 4:00pm Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays. We will only be able to deal with support requests during these hours. If no one is available to accept an incoming phone call during office hours an answerphone will be available for you to leave your name, weekday daytime phone number and a short message.

After the first year

We will continue to offer FREE customer support via phone/e-mail (for the life of the product) after this first year has elapsed entirely at our own discretion. We do reserve the right to withdraw support from a particular customer without prior notice should that customer place onerous demands on, or abuse, the service or our staff.

The support we offer only covers products purchased directly from 3QD Developments Ltd. If you have purchased a VirtualAcorn product from a dealer then you should contact the dealer concerned before contacting us. Some dealers offer customised versions of our products for which our advice may not be suitable. We do not offer general support for Windows, Mac OS X or RISC OS.

Support via the VirtualAcorn website

Support from the VirtualAcorn website will be free and will remain free for the life of the product(s). If you do contact us by e-mail with a problem that's already covered by a technical support article then we will direct you to the article concerned.

The Technical support commitment forms part of our Terms of Business. You can read the entire document here..

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