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VirtualRPC in Use - Third edition (2019)

November 2018 - You can now download a Free copy of the fully revised and updated 3rd Edition of the 'VirtualRPC In Use' e-book. It's timed to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of the launch of VirtualRPC. The 86 page e-book replaces all earlier versions of the booklets authored by T.O.M.S. and available from Archive Magazine and this Support page prior to November 2018.

This 3rd Edition aims to update and expand the content of previous versions, with particular reference to the improved range of ARM-powered solutions and Mac/PC host computers, plus additional considerations when running VirtualRPC under Windows 7, 8 and 10.

The A4/landscape double-page spread is retained for ease of viewing the PDF file. All the page numbers on the Contents page and all links throughout the booklet are live, so clicking on each one will turn to the selected page (or return to the Contents page), open the relevant web page URL, or open a blank email page.

Should you wish to print a colour or monochrome copy as an A5-sized booklet (or have your local print shop run off a copy for you), you will need the PDF print files which are available on request from the authors Steve Johnson and Jim Nottingham on


Supplements to VirtualRPC in Use 3rd Edition

Following the publication of the second edition of 'VirtualRPC in Use' T.O.M.S. prepared a series of Supplementary articles which were published monthly from January to December 2011. These articles were collated into a separate booklet in 2013.

January 2019 - The authors have now fully revised and updated the Supplements e-booklet and the 3rd edition of the 'VirtualRPC in Use Supplements' is now available as a free download. As with the main booklet, the A4/landscape double-page spread is retained for ease of viewing. However, if you wish to print the Supplements as an A5 booklet (or get a print shop to do it), please request a copy of the source A5/portrait file from the authors on This file is also more suitable for reading on a 9-12" tablet, but please note the live links will be disabled.


The Small Print

The 'VirtualRPC In Use' e-books are copyright T.O.M.S., Steve Johnson and Jim Nottingham 2012-19. You may download, print and read these e-books. You may not distribute any copies of the e-books in any form, either electronic or printed without the express written consent of the copyright holder.

The authors have no commercial links with VirtualAcorn or 3QD Developments Ltd. All the views expressed are those of the authors. The e-book provided free of charge and without any warranty. Application of any of the suggestions contained in the e-book are carried out entirely at the risk of the user. All E&OE.

If you should spot any errors, or have any suggested improvements then the authors will be delighted to hear from you. Any other feedback will also be very welcome.

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