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VirtualAcorn Customer Comments

This page lists just some of the customer comments we have received about our products. For reviews and magazine comments please Click Here.


VirtualRPC for the Mac

"Just a short note to say how delighted I am with my VirtualAcorn for Mac. It worked flawlessly out of the box, even communicating with my Iyonix across my network without me having to do any setting up. This was far from the case when I installed Windows 7 on the same machine."
N Dunford


"I am sure you have got this well in hand already, but I thought you might want to know that VirtualRPC works fine under Windows 7 following an upgrade from Vista to W7 Ultimate. Thanks again for a great product!"
R Chagouri-Brindle

"...we've been running some comparative tests against the real RiscPCs to quantify the subjective view that VirtualRPC-SE seems ever-so-quick. The results are that (with one minor exception) everything is running /at least/ 2.5 times faster than a 233MHz Kinetic and at least 3.75 times quicker than a 233MHz SA machine (not T-rev). Sometimes it all gets a bit scary - we're seeing improvements of up to *10-12* times faster on number-crunching events, e.g. 7.5 secs instead of 90 secs...It's early days but it looks like you're giving us an enormously productive solution."
J Nottingham

"...runs much more smoothly than VirtualA5000 and is a great improvement...I am very pleased."
R Illingworth

"I am delighted with VirtualRPC-SE. For everything I have tried so far, the speed on the Dell Inspiron laptop is indistinguishable from that of my StrongARM RiscPC with the Kinetic card."
R Morgan

"I am really pleased with VirtualRPC-SE. It works well on my 1.2Ghz Athlon XP machine, and in some areas is much faster than my real StrongARM RiscPC."
D Symes

"Many thanks for such a swift response - I am delighted with the software, having just installed it on a new laptop."
C Gadsby

"I have been only using VirtualRPC-SE for just over a week but I think its been a very worthwhile investment. It really knocks spots off the RiscStation I was running before. The speed is something else. Keep up the good work."
T Strudwick

"I find VRPC to be an excellent product just as Dave Holden said......... far faster than my much altered 600 or 700......"
W Wilburn

"It is a very impressive achievement."
R Hemmings

"I'm overwhelmingly impressed with VRPC. It's uncannily good."
I Logan

"Many thanks!!! This is wonderful."
J Porters

"First, a big thank you for the power management upgrade, which installed faultlessly. I am deeply appreciative of the continuing work you put in on this excellent product."
D Killworth

"I've been very impressed by VRPC...I had absolutely no problem setting up VRPC to talk to the Iyonix across the network and to share the PC's internet connection. And the 1400x1050 desktop on the Vaio is excellent..."
C Bonsall

"I've found VirtualRPC-SE on the A6 hybrid to be thoroughly excellent."
John Cartmell Editor of Acorn Publisher

"I'm really enjoying being able to get onto websites without hassle, and switching between RISC OS and Windows to get the best of both worlds is great...there clearly are real advantages in running RISC OS under Windows."
Paul Beverley Editor of Archive

"I really appreciate the level of support I get with VirtualRPC."
S Challands

"I am absolutely delighted with your product. I am a teacher who has many, many, many DRAW files that I need to do my job efficiently. Until now I ran two computers, my Acorn and my PC. I now have one computer to do BOTH! This is wonderful! It only took a few tries to find the right driver for my HP all-in-one. VirtualAcorn has been a revelation."
A Hodson

"Thanks for your help so far, and my compliments for a superb piece of software."
G Knopps

"VRPC is a brilliant piece of software."
P Marsden

"I can report (with some astonishment!) that all my Non-Wimp programs work on the VARPC-SE. I cannot even find one instance where the emulation fails in any way with my programs, which is an astounding achievement, given their size and complexity."
R Darlington

"Just to say that I'm getting on very well with the VRPC being on my laptop and it's doing everything I hoped it would... thanks!"
R Brock

"As a 'non-believer' I have to say I am tremendously impressed so far with VA-A, especially the networking which was simply just working after I installed it on my networked PC. It is nice to be able to use a decent resolution and colour depth and matched with my nice LCD monitor too. It seems subjectively about twice the speed of my RiscPC with 287MHz SA."
B Carroll


"Just a quick note to let you know how impressed I am with VA. I have been waiting for this product for years, and I wish you all the success. I am now able to run RISC OS programs on my laptop at a reasonable speed, and on my desktop at a very reasonable speed. For data processing and graphing my Athlon 1600 is as fast as a StrongARM 233, with my P3 650 laptop about half the speed. This allows me to do real work.
One again, thank you, and good luck with the programs."
A. Hamilton

"I now have the following up and running faster than a A7000. !Style, !Easiwriter, !HolyBible, !Zap, !FontFX and !(Outto)Lunch. There is stacks of Software on it such as !Draw, !Paint and lots of bibs and bobs.
I can not speak too highly of it. It is unbelievable. So if you have a PC and love RISCOS this is your day. Go on get back to your favourite OS for 30 odd quid."
This no toy.
A. Leighton

"Having now got to grips with VirtualA5000 I must say it's absolutely superb. Apart from the exceptions you are already aware of it runs everything perfectly!"
J. Crane

"...I sent a cheque for a copy of VirtualA5000, and was very pleased when it arrived. I am now even more pleased to find it working so well. I believe that you have provided something that will considerably prolong the life of the Acorn."
N. Thomas

"....firstly I would like to thank you for releasing (I think anyway) the most outstanding piece of software I have seen for years. Please keep it going. I have converted several work friends to Acorns and this program has stirred up a lot of interest."
D. Fuller

"I received my Virtual-Acorn at the weekend and I did a test yesterday running a particularly large BASIC+Assembler program which we use for decoding files from X-ray CCD cameras and was amazed - on my Sony Vaio 700MHz laptop, your emulator runs around 50% faster than my 233 MHz StrongArm R-PC - well done!! Once again, congratulations on a fine product - I will be demonstrating it in the US with our colleagues building a NASA satellite next week."
T. Abbey

"...very good. A colleague here uses it on his laptop, and we've found that for disc-intensive tasks, it's appreciably faster than our StrongARM Risc PCs."
L Gretton

"Bought VirtualAcorn. Brilliant. Just what the world has been waiting for. Cannot speak too highly of it."
J Unwin

"I have a Python application (takes a school timetable and pupil database to make lesson registers for every room/period of the week) which takes 54 seconds to run my 247MHz StrongARM RiscPC, interestingly it also takes 54 seconds on a 1000MHz Windows PC running Virtual Acorn - i.e. VA on a slow Microsoft PC runs as fast as a real StrongARM RiscPC (for this task)."
T Howarth

"Excellent value as an application.. even before you consider the amount of software it comes with."
D Hillage

"I purchased a copy of Virtual A5000 and have found it to be excellent. All of my Acorn software has been zipped, saved and unzipped by Virtual A5000. This includes Eureka, Publisher, Fireworks Pro etc."
D McKie

"I have a StrongARM RiscPC and I was amazed at the speed of VA5K compared to this on a 1Ghz PC with Nvidia 64Mb Graphics card. Certainly faster than an ARM 710 by about 2x. Blooming great."
R Hartley

"You're probably getting bored of all the congratulations by now but I thought I would add my 2c. My copy arrived this morning. I am supposed to be knocking out some scripts this afternoon but instead I have been playing with my 'new A5000'! My RISC PC is looking a little sad as a result... Seriously, many thanks and please, please keep up the good work!"
P. Armitage

"Today I tried out the latest demo of VA5000 on my 1Ghz Athlon PC .Your own tests showed the clock speed as 195 Mhz(cf my SARPC shows 198, and my A7000+ shows 39). One of the programs I run frequently on my SARPC to generate very large fractal images (upto 500MB) uses 4 x256 colour palettes (to generate 16mil images) written to memory as arrays and writes the data from the complex arithmetic of the fractal calculation directly to disc so as to allow the program to run even on my 8MB A5000.On the StrongARM RISC PC a small image of 100x100 pixels takes 171.31 secs, but on VA5000 it takes only 113.39 secs. On my Real A5000 it takes 3578.6 secs (as with the others without its FPA unit)."
I Entwistle

"When running the Virtual Acorn on a fast PC (Athlon XP 1.7 GHz) I can detect no subjective difference in speed between the real and the virtual models. The best Easter present I could have had."
M. Harding

"I just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying using Virtual A5000 on my laptop. I had it at school today working on a Board report for my subject and I was thrilled to have the convenience of it. I was able to find clipart in Corel Gallery Magic, export it from WinXP as an eps file, load it into Millennium via the foreign file importer, edit it in !Draw, and then drop it into !Impression. What a neat concept! So, this is an email of thanks for writing a great program."
A Minnear

"I received my copy of Virtual Acorn 2 weeks ago, and must commend yourself and your programming team on producing such an excellent piece of software. I am an original BBC user (and it still works 20 years on!) and moved to the Archimedes when I was at 6th Form at School. Unfortunately, when I went to university, everything was either IBM PCs or Apple Macs, so I lost touch with RISCOS. It is great to see that familiar set up again (although I was using RISCOS 2.00 when I was at school) and the old *commands. This is an excellent piece of software and well worth the 30.50 I paid for it...Virtual Acorn runs fine on my Pent II 400 with 256MB SDRAM."
Dr Ron Barr

"Your A5000 emulator arrived safely, thank you, and I loaded it this morning. It looks a powerful and effective piece of software that must have taken a huge amount of work...runs fine on my new Athlon. It'll be good to get back to the Acorn world now and again."
J Gage

"Just a quick note to advise you that I received my copy of Virtual Acorn yesterday. It works faultlessly and very quickly on my Pentium 4 system. Thank you very much indeed for a swift service and delivering a product that works beyond expectations."
D Bucknell

"Firstly I should say how impressed I am with VA5000; it is really nice to be able to run RISC OS on a laptop."
R Cox

"VA5000 is excellent and I am using it all the time for producing endoscopy reports for my patients after the A4 died suddenly last year. The only thing I could do otherwise was reprogram all the reporting software for windows, which made me feel ill, so please keep up the good work."
R Wears

"Just a short note to tell you how delighted I am with Virtual Acorn. I had written my own WIMP programme for RISC OS 2 many years ago (pre 1990) for an old Archimedes that had been upgraded to 4MB at a cost of over £350 (how times have changed!). All I needed to do was to load the old 800KB disk images; change an operating system call that worked differently to how it used to (!??!) and it worked! It's good to be able to access BBC BASIC again. For your information I am using an Evesham 600MHz Pentium 3 with a Voodoo 3 graphics card. My order arrived on Thursday 19th. I ordered on Monday 16th - good service indeed."
Malcolm Dobell

"...VA is lot more responsive and useable now - indeed, since I last emailed you I have been using an Acorn version of Logo in VA in a window and running a web-based tutorial at the same time in IE6 - all very that I can access Acorn floppy discs, this laptop spends more time in RISC OS using Acorn software than in Windows if you see what I mean- VA 1.4 is excellent."
B Gillinder

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