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Magazine Reviews of VirtualAcorn products

This page provides a selection of the comments and reviews about VirtualAcorn products in magazines.



"They set VirtualRPC against a StrongARM RiscPC and it outran it by some considerable does show that VirtualRPC is capable of doing a serious job of work...really excellent news, potentially bringing even more people back to RISC OS."
Archive Vol 16 Number 11

"...runs at about the same speed as my StrongARM...impressed with it overall...the user guide is well laid out and well written..."
Archive Vol 16 Number 12

"Once VirtualRPC-SE is up and running, and you can have it full screen on in a Windows window, it's just as if you had a RiscPC running...a very welcome addition to the RISC OS users arsenal, and I'm very pleased with it so far."
Archive Vol 17 Number 1

"As soon as VirtualRPC-SE was announced he placed an order. It arrived in the post fairly promptly as a well packaged CD and installed without trouble after following the simple instructions provided...Once the application is running there's very little difference from using an configuring a real RiscPC...everything he uses regularly on the RiscPC seem to work under VirtualRPC-SE. VirtualAcorn have done a very good job at plugging a gap in the market of a missing native RISC OS laptop. He is happy to pay the licence fee for RISC OS 4 included with VirtualRPC-SE, particularly if it means that RISC OS Ltd can continue to develop the operating system further for all hardware."
Archive Vol 17 Number 2

"It installed works a treat and is very fast."
Archive Vol 17 Number 2

"Why the cheesy grins? The smiley faces all round are due entirely to our day to day experience using VirtualRPC-SE, on and off site...consistently out performs our real Kinetic RiscPC generally by very considerable margins...VirtualRPC-SE when used in combination with a relatively powerful Wintel machine make both RiscPC's look pedestrian...a very speedy piece of kit but , frankly, the sheer scale of these outstanding results wasn't anticipated and is enormously satisfying...a powerful yet economical solution which does everything we require...far more productive than the Kinetic RiscPC...maybe the eventual replacement for either of our RiscPCs won't be an Iyonix or Omega, but a (3Ghz?) desktop Wintel machine with VirtualRPC-SE."
Archive Vol 17 Number 3

"VirtualRPC-SE is very fast on a high end Windows machine - often many times faster that a StrongARM RiscPC 233..."
Archive Vol 17 Number 5

"So how does the Iyonix shape up against VRPC? Not as well as we might have expected in fact. The Iyonix is only faster than VRPC in one third of the tests. In the rest the VRPCs are faster than the Iyonixes."
Archive Vol 17 Number 8

"VRPC also out performs against the Iyonix, often by considerable margins..."
Archive Vol 17 Number 8


"...loaded with extras..."
Computer Active Issue 110

"HIT! A must for Acorn and RISC OS fans past and present."
Computer Shopper Issue 171

"....bought a copy of VirtualA5000 for the office PC which runs it at about five times the speed of an A4 and three times the speed of the A7000. I've had no problems with VirtualA5000 at all."
Alan Leighton - Archive Vol 15 Number 7

"....PipeDream 3 etc run very much faster on VirtualA5000 then they did on the pre StrongArm machines...I have had no crashes running many programs such as Impression, Fireworkz, PipeDream and DrawPlus at the same time."
Gerald Fitton - Archive Vol 15 Number 7

Review of VirtualA5000 V 1.4 - "Nearly 20% faster than the 1.2 version...noticeably faster that a straightforward RiscPC! The VA program is all it claims to be, simplicity itself..improvement in the sound and the smoothness of the graphics."
Archive Vol 16 Number 8

"...substantially faster....loads of software....pre-configured with the newbie in mind."
WROCC newsletter Volume 21 Number 1

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