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VirtualAcorn Technical support:
Moving VirtualRPC (and all your apps/files) to a different PC

We are often asked about the process required to install VirtualRPC on a new PC. Often the user is concerned because they believe that they will have to re-install all their applications. That's not the case, which is lucky as it's impossible to install an application such as Impression that uses multiple floppy discs on PCs that don't have an internal floppy disc drive. This article explains how you can move an entire VirtualRPC installation with all your files, applications, backdrop, boot settings etc easily and quickly.

Moving a copy of VirtualRPC is possible as our products are self contained and do not rely on the Windows Registry (except for entries on the Start menu or Windows backdrop). This is by deliberate design as it allows a complete installation to be moved and backed up. In the section below you will find instructions on how to move a VirtualRPC between two Windows PCs.


Moving a VirtualRPC installation

If you are running Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 and are using an older version of VirtualRPC you will need to change the User Account Control settings on your PC before unlocking your VirtualRPC.

If your CD has the same design layout as the one on the right it's a new CD and you do not need to alter the User Account Control Settings.

If your CD has the same design layout as the one on the left it's an old CD and you need to change the following User Account Control settings.

Once you have made any necessary changes to User Account Control you can begin the process.

  1. Take a copy of the current VirtualRPC installation using either a writable DVD (Don't use a writable CD or the backup will be broken), memory card or a suitably sized Pen Drive. Your VirtualRPC installation should be in either C:/Program Files/VirtualAcorn or C:/VirtualAcorn. Note down the location where your copy of VirtualRPC is installed.

  2. On the new PC install a fresh copy of VirtualRPC from your original VirtualAcorn installation CD. If you are using an old CD version make sure you change the location where VirtualRPC is installed from 'C:/Program Files/VirtualAcorn/VirtualRPC...' to 'C:/VirtualAcorn/VirtualRPCxxx'.

  3. Copy your backup of VirtualRPC from step 1 over the top of the fresh installation on the new machine. Make sure that you don't accidentally copy one 'inside' the other.

  4. On the old PC Run the VirtualAcorn un-installer, which can be found in the VirtualAcorn section of your Programs menu (found by clicking on the 'Start' button). This will remove the main VirtualAcorn application. Don't worry about losing any files as you have the backup that we made in step 1 and they copy on the new machine from step 3.

  5. You have now completed moving the VirtualRPC from one machine to another. Run VirtualRPC on the new machine and take a note of the Product ID number shown on screen. Head over to (we don't provide clickable links due to malicious web crawlers) and follow the appropriate instructions to place an unlock code request. We will then email you a new unlock code which you can enter into the registration window replacing the unlock code that worked on the old PC.

  6. If you find that VirtualRPC won't run on your new PC take a look at the VirtualAcorn Windows support index and find the section that relates to your version of Windows and read the 'VirtualRPC won't run and there is no error message' article.

You should now have VirtualRPC running on your new PC with the same RISC OS desktop, applications and files as on your old PC. You may have to change your screen resolution if your new PC has a different sized display but that should be the limit of the configuration changes needed. If you find that your 'full HD' display won't show your entire RISC OS dsktop at 1920 x 1080 it's because you've configured Windows to run at 125% or 150% scaling.

Finally, if you don't already do so you should start to keep a regular backup of your VirtualRPC installation. Don't have nightmares.


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