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ShowPrinters returns 'File printers not found' error

The ShowPrinters file in the HostFS::Harddisc4.$.Printing folder is designed to report the names of all the installed Windows printer drivers. A printer driver's name may not match the physical name of the printer so in order to set up printing in RISC OS you need the name of the printer driver. Normally double clicking on ShowPrinters will return a result like this:

ShowPrinters works by using the *Printers command built into HostFS, and here lies the potential problem. If the default filing system in RISC OS is not HostFS the *Printers command will fail. The solution is easy and involves a small change to the ShowPrinters file.

Hold down the SHIFT key and double click on ShowPrinters to load it into edit. Add an extra line above the 'Printers' command that says 'HostFS', so ShowPrinters reads as:


Save the file, then double click on it. It should now behave as expected.


Having noted the printer names and made any changes to !Printers that are required close VirtualRPC and return to Windows. Now run VirtualRPC again to be sure that the RISC OS is now working with the desired configured filing system.

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