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VirtualAcorn Technical support:
Installing Sibelius on VirtualRPC

Sibelius 7 is one of the most well regarded RISC OS applications. Despite Sibelius abandoning support for RISC OS some years ago there are still many professional musicians who prefer the RISC OS versions. Sibelius can be installed into a Windows VirtualRPC provided the following method is used. If you try and install !Sibelius without using the following method the installation will fail.

In order to install Sibelius you will need:

  • A working Sibelius master floppy with a copy of Sibelius on it (ie. Sibelius is not already installed on a machine)
  • A PC with a 32bit version of Windows
  • An internal floppy disc drive

If you don't have all of the above then you will not be able to install Sibelius. Provided you do have the above the following method will install a working copy of Sibelius:

  • Run VirtualRPC
  • Click on Harddisc4
  • Double click on !Boot, the Configuration window will open
  • Click on Discs
  • Click on ADFS discs
  • Set the number of hard discs to 1
  • Click Set
  • Click Continue on the 'changing the number of discs' warning
  • A new hard disc icon called IDEDisc4 will appear on the iconbar
  • Click on IDEDisc4
  • Double click on !BootADFS
  • !BootADFS may take a few minutes to copy the required files.
  • Once !BootADFS has finished it will pop up a message saying that VirtualRPC will boot from ADFS when restarted.
  • Quit VirtualRPC - this is extremely important, if you do not quit VirtualRPC the process will not work
  • Run VirtualRPC, RISC OS may take a little longer to boot into the desktop
  • You can now install Sibelius as normal but you must install it to IDEDisc4 not HardDisc4


Once Sibelius is installed and working, quit VirtualRPC and from Windows burn a backup of:


   C:\Program Files\VirtualAcorn


to a DVD. You must not use a CD as CDs do not support a deep enough directory structure to backup all files. You will then have a backup of the VirtualRPC complete with a working Sibelius installation included. The VirtualRPC can then (if necessary) be moved to a different PC with Sibelius safe inside it and you will not need to re-install Sibelius again, hence VirtualRPC can be moved to a PC without a floppy disc drive.

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