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VirtualAcorn Technical support:
Reading .adf (Acorn Disc Format) image files in RISC OS

Some Windows versions of VirtualRPC include the facility to read .adf disc image files from the ADFS:1 disc drive icon on the iconbar. However this feature is not present on the MacOS X versions of VirtualRPC. Regardless of which version of VirtualRPC you are using it's still easy to read .adf files inside RISC OS.

This technique will work on any VirtualRPC (Windows or MacOS X) and allows .adf files to be managed and stored inside RISC OS

  • Copy any .adf files you want to use into the VirtualRPC Harddisc4 folder:
    • Normally C:/Program Files/VirtualAcorn/VirtualRPC-xxx/HardDisc4
    • Or C:/VirtualAcorn/VirtualRPC-xxx/HardDisc4
  • Download a copy of ADFFS
  • Install ADFFS somewhere sensible, for example HostFS::Harddisc4.$.Filing.ADDFS.!ADDFS
  • Ensure that you change the filetype of any .adf files to &FCE
  • Run !ADDFS and then double click on an .adf file

Using this method all sorts of disc images can be read. RISC OS will believe that the contents of the .adf file is really in the ADFS::0 floppy disc drive. So even software (and games) that checks the contents of ADFS::0 can be run.

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