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VirtualAcorn Technical support:
Some keys not working in RISC OS (Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 & Windows 10)

We have now seen a few brand new machines that have exhibited an odd fault. The keyboard works correctly in Windows, but in RISC OS quite a few keys simply don't work (for example the right hand Shift key). This is very odd as VirtualRPC uses DirectX to communicate with the keyboard, so everything should work out of the box. The cause seems to be a 'Japanese' beta Keyboard Driver which relates to remote control keyboards and which doesn't work correctly with DirectX. The driver identifies itself as:

Microsoft eHome MCIR 109

If the driver is deleted from the Windows Device Manager then the keyboard will now work correctly with RISC OS. However when the computer is re-started the driver loads itself again and the problem returns, which is far from ideal.

The solution is to update the driver from the Device Manager. It may take a couple of attempts but once the driver has been updated the user will be presented with a list of three options:

HID Keyboard Device
HID Compliant Device
Microsoft eHome MCIR 109 keyboard

Select HID Compliant Device and apply the change. This will remove the Microsoft eHome MCIR 109 from the machine. The keyboard will now work correctly inside RISC OS as well as with any other DirectX apps.

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