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VirtualAcorn Technical support:
Using VirtualAcorn with BootCamp or Parallels

Modern Apple Mac computers have an Intel processor inside. This replaces the older PowerPC G series processors that was found in Macs prior to 2004. This means that an Intel Mac can run Microsoft Windows. If it can run Windows then it can also run VirtualAcorn products.

Currently there are 2 main methods for running Windows.

Boot Camp

This is Apple's official Boot loader and allows you to boot a Mac into either Mac OSX or Windows. Provided you have set up the Windows side with the Apple supplied drivers the machine will behave just like a PC. You will be able to run VirtualAcorn just like any other PC. As such VirtualAcorn do offer full support for users running Windows via Boot Camp.


This allows you to run Microsoft Windows in a window in the Mac OS desktop. You will need to set up Windows with all the correct drivers and then you can install and run VirtualAcorn on Parallels. We recommend that you have the latest version of Parallels as some earlier versions were not capable of running VirtualAcorn because of display driver issues.

One thing you need to be aware of with Parallels is that it comes with a set of "Parallels Tools". If you are intending to run VirtualAcorn on Parallels then you must not install the Mouse Tools. If you do you may find that the mouse pointer isn't functioning correctly.

We do have a number of customers who are using Parallels successfully, however due to the nature of Parallels we do not offer support if you run VirtualAcorn on Parallels. We will happily issue an unlock code (subject to licence conditions) but we will not be able to assist if you run into problems getting VirtualAcorn to work correctly.

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