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VirtualAcorn Technical support:
Printing problems

When I try and print nothing happens, why?
Firstly you need to ensure that Windows can print. If Windows cannot print then check the cable between printer and PC, also check that the printer is on-line. If Windows still can't print contact your printer manufacturer for further support. If Windows can print but VirtualRPC does nothing you need to check the following:

  • Check to make sure you have installed the correct Printer Definition File for your printer.
  • Check the name of your Windows printer, if the name contains any "odd" characters then that will most likely be the problem. For example a Windows printer called "Printer6/6m V1.23" contains both a full stop, which RISC OS sees as a path separator, and a slash, which Windows sees as a path separator. Although this may not cause problems just with printing from Windows applications, RISC OS just doesn't know what to do with the path separators. VirtualRPC automatically converts any "foreign" characters to underscores so that the example printer name "Printer6/6m V1.23" would automatically be converted to "Printer6_6m_V1_23". You can determine the name of any loaded Windows printers from VirtualRPC by pressing double clicking on the HostFS::HardDisc4.$.Printing.ShowPrinters file. A list of all the known Windows printer drivers will then be shown. Ensure you have typed the name correctly, note that the name might have two or more underscores next to each other,
  • Check you have typed the name correctly, another common mistake with Epson drivers is to type the name of printer wrongly, for example Epson drivers may have the word Color in them, not the English work Colour.

When I try and print I get an error message saying "not open for update", why?
Firstly you need to ensure that you have followed the instructions in the VirtualRPC manual for setting up !Printers exactly. Then once you have done this try a test print from !Draw. Some applications such as do not use the RISC OS graphics printer drivers and will not be able to print from VirtualRPC. If !Draw prints then all other programs that use the RISC OS graphics printer drivers will work. One other thing to ensure is that the "Print in background" option in both !Printers and your application are both turned off.

When I try and print I get an error message saying "Abort on Data Transfer", why?
Get the latest updates for your version of VirtualAcorn from the downloads section.

I can't find a RISC OS driver for my printer, what can I do?
You can buy UniPrint from R-Comp this will print to any printer connected to the PC.

How can I print from my BASIC programs?
This is covered in this VirtualAcorn Knowledge Base article.

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