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VirtualAcorn Technical support:
Problems with Mouse buttons

This article covers problems with mouse buttons. If you are having problems with a stuttering mouse pointer then this Knowledge Base Article covers the problem.

Two Button Mouse

If you have a two button mouse then you really should invest in a scroll mouse. This has two buttons plus a scroll wheel. Pressing the scroll wheel behaves like the middle button on an Acorn mouse. An optical USB scroll mouse can be obtained from most High Street Poundshops and will work with VirtualAcorn products.

In the meantime you can also use the Windows 'Menu' key to act as a third mouse button. Typically this has an image of a menu with a pointer on it. On a standard UK desktop keyboard this will be three keys to the right of 'Space'. On some laptops, especially those made by Dell, the Menu key can be found top right of the keyboard.

Alternatively you can program your two mouse buttons to act as left and middle. To alter the way the mouse buttons are defined switch VirtualAcorn into a window. Now go to the Tools menu and click on Options, now click on the Keyboard/Mouse Tab. You will see the default configuration and can easily alter this this to flip the middle and right buttons.

Scroll Mouse Problems

We have seen a problem with some scroll button mice. If you find the centre (scroll) button on your mouse does not work then check to see if the mouse is a USB device, but connected to the PC via an adapter into the PS2 mouse socket. If this is the case then connecting the mouse via a USB socket will normally solve the problem.

If your mouse is a Microsoft Intellimouse then you will need to search the Microsoft Knowledge Base, as problems with these mice are documented there.

We have also discovered that some Logitec mouse drivers do not correctly report the centre button clicks under DirectX. If you are using a Logitec driver then try un-installing it and using the default MicroSoft driver instead.

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