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Includes RISC OS Adjust 4.39

Compatible Operating Systems

VirtualRPC for Mac OS X operates on G5 and Intel Macs running OS X 10.4.0 (Tiger) to 10.14.x (Mohave). This product is not suitable for 64 bit versions of Mac OS X 10.15 (Catalina) or later.

Will you release a 64 bit version for Mac OS X Catalina?

Apple have removed support for 32 bit applications from Mac OS 10.15 (Catalina) and later. VirtualAcorn products run in 32 bit mode and won't function natively on any version of Mac OS X that runs in 64 bit mode only. To see if development of a 64 bit version of VirtualRPC was viable we've been asking customers to tell us if they are interested, regretfully we haven't had enough expressions of interest to stand any chance at recovering the development costs. With Apple also switching to ARM based processors in new Mac OS X computers producing a 64bit product designed for Intel processors could never repay the development costs. As such we have had to shelve plans to produce a 64bit version of VirtualRPC for MacOS X.

About VirtualRPC-AdjustSA for Mac OS X

VirtualRPC-Adjust turns your Mac into an accurate model of an Acorn StrongARM RISC PC computer with the very latest version of RISC OS. Almost any software that runs on a real Acorn RISC PC will run on VirtualRPC-Adjust. VirtualRPC-Adjust is supplied on CD and comes complete with:

  • RISC OS 4.39 (RISC OS Adjust) operating system with all the latest updates from
  • Supplied as a Universal Binary suitable for both PowerPC and Intel Macs.
  • Comes complete with the standard ROM based applications such as !Draw, !Edit and !Paint.
  • Read DOS formatted floppies using an external USB floppy drive.
  • Directly read Acorn format CD ROMs and DVDs.
  • Support for USB storage devices such as Pen Drives, memory cards etc.
  • Complete HTML RISC OS user manual with EasyStart front end.
  • Virtual ADFS hard disk drive with the latest universal !Boot sequence.
  • Support for integrated graphics cards on both laptops and desktops.
  • Unlimited hard disk sizes using the HostFS filing system.
  • Support for up to 256Mb of RAM for RISC OS.
  • Support for screen modes up to 8Mb in size allowing resolutions up to 1600x1200 in full 24bit colour.
  • Power Management support to extend battery life on laptop computers.
  • Printing using the supplied RISC OS printer drivers.
  • Network access using ShareFS.
  • Internet access using a range of popular browsers and e-mail clients.
  • Full commercial versions of Ovation, FasterPC and Mr Clippy.
  • Sample software packs of Public Domain, Freeware and Shareware programs.
  • Pre-configured memory settings which allow VirtualRPC-Adjust to run "out of the box".
  • Runs RISC OS software such as Impression Publisher, Artworks and Textease.
  • Access to the many thousands of RISC OS applications available.
  • One year (from date of despatch from our offices) technical support via phone/e-mail.
  • Lifetime technical support via the Support section of the VirtualAcorn website and the VirtualAcorn Forums.

In addition VirtualRPCAdjustSA for Mac OS X now has the following features:

  • Now includes StrongARM, ARM710 and ARM7500 processor cores.
  • Support for StrongARM software, including FireFox, Thunderbird, MP3 encoders and more.
  • Faster screen update with support for a greater range of resolutions.
  • AutoMode configuration plugin to generate correct mode sets for non standard display sizes.
  • Improved battery manager with user configurable delay between battery checks.
  • Includes complete version of First Steps with RISC OS 4, as published by Alligata Media.
  • Improved version of the RISC OS user guide
  • Updated applications including new versions of NetSurf, KinoAmp and WebsterLT
  • Updated !System folder with the latest modules included.
  • RISCOS side VirtualAcorn user guide now split into separate chapters for ease of printing.
  • Support for RISC OS 6 as supplied to subscribers of RISC OS Ltd's Select Scheme.
  • Network support for NetSurf, Hermes and other network related applications
  • Updated display code allowing RISC OS to display full screen modes larger than the resolution of the display.
  • Changes to the mouse handler to improve integration between the RISC OS and Mac OS pointers.
  • Improved User Guide with extra information on setting up VRPC and the Mac.
  • Pre-configured to automatically print out in PDF format.
  • Scale the RISC OS desktop whilst running inside a window on the Mac OS desktop.
  • Numerous other improvements based on feedback from users of Beta1/2/3/4.

Customers should note that our products require an unlock code before they can be run. You will need to install the software then follow the instructions on the registration panel that opens when the software is run.

For more details on RISCOS Adjust (RISC OS 4.39) please see the website.



Upgrading from a different version of VirtualRPC

You can find information about VirtualAcorn upgrades by clicking on the logo below.

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