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VirtualRPC-SE Downloads

This page contains links to downloadable updates for VirtualRPC-SE.

VirtualAcorn Updates

Read these instructions BEFORE trying to install any of these updates.

These updates allow older copies of VirtualRPC to be updated to include features/bug fixes that are already part of products we currently ship. In order to work out which updates (if any) need to be installed please read the following steps:

  • Firstly find your VirtualAcorn CD. There is a serial number printed on the CD, you need this number. The number you need is not on the RISC OS licence sticker.

  • Read down the list of updates below and find the first update with a CD serial number higher than the number printed on your CD. For example if your CD serial number is 11593 the first update with a higher number is 11678 - HostFS Jan 2009.

  • If you don't find an update with a CD serial number higher than the number printed on your CD then you do not need any of these updates. Do not read any further.

  • Having found the first update with a CD serial number higher than the number printed on your CD download it and then install it.

  • Continue installing each of the following updates down the list in sequence. You must not skip one. You must install them in the sequence shown. If you do not follow the instructions then the VirtualRPC might not function correctly and it won't be possible to install any future updates.

All of these updates are in Windows format and need to be installed from Windows. To install an update first quit VRPC, then download the update using Windows. Next find the update on your harddisc (using Windows). Then open the update (it will be in a .zip file) then finally double click on the update and follow the instructions on screen.


CD Serial No.  Date Upgrade Title

Size 5.9Mb
VirtualRPC-SE Networking Pack

This update can also be used to update the version of VirtualRPC-SE supplied with the MicroDigital Alpha. Note that this update is intended for RISC OS 4 as supplied with VirtualRPC-SE.
After installing this pack VirtualRPC-SE will be configured to run in a Window (so you can easily set up a software Firewall). Please consult the VirtualRPC-SE manual for details on how to re-configure it to run in full screen mode after a Firewall has been set up.
  • Networking support plug-in including a Boot sequence update.
  • Access the Internet from within RISC OS, browse the web, FTP, send e-mails etc.
  • Connect VirtualRPC-SE to "real" Acorn machines over ethernet using ShareFS.
  • Connect multiple PCs running VirtualRPC-SE over ethernet using ShareFS.
  • Includes a number of sample programs including FTPc, FreeTerm and a demo version of Oregano2.
  • Includes a new manual with a comprehensive networking chapter.
This update will make various changes to your VirtualRPC-SE configuration, and you may need to re-enter your unlock code after installing this update. Please ensure you have your unlock code available before installing this update, your unlock code is a hexadecimal number in the form xxxxxx-xxxxxx-xxxxxx. If you do not have your unlock code written down then please see This Support Article for details on how to recover your unlock code.

Size 8.1Mb
VirtualRPC-SE ADFS harddisc image update

This update adds an extra 50Mb ADFS harddisc image to existing VirtualRPC-SE installations. You can then arrange for VirtualRPC-SE to boot from this ADFS harddisc image, instead of from HostFS, this can offer advantages for some users. Note that this update is intended for RISC OS 4 as supplied with VirtualRPC-SE.
  • Prevents the !Boot sequence being modified from the Windows side.
  • Allows protected applications that need a filecore filing system to be installed (for example DataPower1 and Sibelius).
  • Easily switch between booting from ADFS and HostFS
  • Includes utilities to back up your current !Boot sequence from HostFS to ADFS automatically

Size 72Kb
VirtualRPC-SE Boot update 1

This update fixes a couple of problems reported by VirtualRPC-SE users. This update includes a copy of !VCDZoom kindly supplied by Stuart Tyrell Developments.
  • Solves "Abort on Data Transfer" errors when printing with some printer drivers.
  • Allows some high speed CD drives that previously reported "Bad CD" errors to work with RISC OS
  • Contains an updated printing system with a smaller memory footprint.
  • Contains an updated AtapiCD plugin.

Size 103Kb
VirtualRPC-SE 8Mb display update

This update allows RISC OS 4 to display screen modes up to 8Mb in size, the previous limit was 2Mb. This update has been developed with the assistance of Stuart Tyrell Developments.
  • Select screen modes up to 8Mb in size.
  • Select modes up to 1600 x 1200 in 24 bit colour and 2048 x 1536 in 16 bit colour
  • Dynamically allocates RISC OS memory as required.

Size 44Kb
VirtualRPC-SE Internet Module update

This update installs a new version of the Internet module inside VirtualRPC-SE. In order to install this update you need to have an up to date network plugin installed inside your copy of VirtualRPC-SE. If this update reports that you have an "Invalid product" then you will need to download and install the Networking Pack at the top of this page. This update addresses the following issues.
  • WebServe not working correctly.
  • WebJames not working correctly.
  • Slow Internet/network response under RISC OS Select.

Size 600Kb
VirtualRPC-SE Power Management update

This update installs support for RISC OS power management, this allows RISC OS to control the speed/load on the host processor, this results in increased battery life in portable devices as well as lower temperatures on both desktop and laptop machines.
After installing this update you will need to follow further instructions contained in:
C:\Program Files\VirtualAcorn\VirtualRPC-SE\PowerManage.rtf
If you do not follow these instructions then Power Management will not be enabled.

  • Extends battery life on portable devices.
  • Processor speed is now dependant on load.
  • Runs cooler on Athlon processors.
  • Provides on screen display of battery time and charge status.
  • Supports time remaining (on motherboards that offer the feature).
  • Reduces fan noise on machines that support temperature controlled fans.
  • Power management is controlled from the RISC OS Configure application.

Size 1.9MB
VirtualRPC-SE May 2004 update

This update installs a number of bug fixes and improves performance in the RISC OS desktop.
  • Fix for the "stuttering" mouse pointer when sound is enabled.
  • Smoother mouse pointer and greater responsiveness in the RISC OS desktop
  • New version of HostFS with support for PopStar and CMOS "locking".
  • New version of the Internet plugin with support for WebJames, WebServe, Oregano1, Netsurf and GrapeVine2.
  • Support for Windows printer names up to 256 characters in length.

Size 52Kb
VirtualRPC-SE Internet 6.11 update

This update installs a new Internet plugin for VirtualRPC-SE.
  • Support for some older e-mail clients such as Marcel.
  • Support for some different versions of TCP/IP stacks.

Size 116Kb
VirtualRPC-SE August 2005 update

This update installs a new version of VirtualRPC-SE.
  • Updated copyright information.
  • Now shows updated unlock code information including our new phone number.
  • Few minor bug fixes.

Size 40Kb
VirtualRPC-SE iSVPatch 2006 update

This update installs a new version of the iSV RISC OS 4 patch in the boot sequence on HostFS::Harddisc4.$.
  • Solves problems with new versions of GhostScript.
  • Solves problems exporting PDF files with new versions of TechWriter.

Size 40Kb
VirtualRPC-SE October 2006 update

This update updates a few VirtualRPC-SE components.
Please note that this update will replace your existing HostFS Extensions file with a new one. If you have customised your HostFS Extensions please back this up before installing this update.
  • Replaces existing HostFS::HardDisc4.$.Printing.ShowPrinters with a multi-tasking version.
  • Adds HostFS extension mapping for PDF files.
  • Correctly maps .zip files to SparkPlug (instead of incorrectly to ArcFS).

Size 980Kb
VirtualRPC-SE December 2006 update

This update is designed to support the use of RISC OS 6 (either the RISC OS 6 Select 4 Preview, or RISC OS 6 supplied as part of the Select scheme) on VirtualRPC-SE. It is also designed to allow VirtualRPC-SE to run on Windows Vista. If you are using VRPC on Windows Vista you will need to update your copy of VirtualRPC-SE.
  • New version of VRPC-SE suitable for running RISC OS 6.
  • Support for Windows Vista
  • New version of HostFS.
  • Updated power management system.

Size 48Kb
VirtualRPC-SE HostFS update Jan 2007

This update is designed to resolve the printing problem, reported by some users, after installation of the December 2006 update. The reported fault is that RISC OS 4 performs all the printing operations but that no files appear in the Windows print queue. This update is designed to resolve the problem. Included in the update are:
  • New version of HostFS.

Size 230Kb
VirtualRPC-SE HostFS update Jan 2009

This update contains a new version of HostFS along with some other new components:
  • New version of HostFS that preserves file datestamps when copied between HostFS mounts.
  • Fix for the problem of some files listed in the HostFS extensions list appearing as text.
  • Datestamps of archive files are preserved when the archive is opened and not altered.
  • New HostClock plugin that stores the full date, this prevents RISC OS forgetting the current year.
  • Link to the VirtualAcorn forums added to the Tutorials directory in HardDisc4.
  • Instructions on setting up the HostClock added to the Tutorials directory.
  • Fix for problem where some machines refused to print after the Dec 2008 update was applied.
  • Fix for problem with files being saved without filetype after a printing failure.


Updates for new versions of VirtualRPC-SE (Serial numbers 12019 to 12028)

CD Serial No.  Date Upgrade Title

Size 44K
HostFS Upgrade

This update resolves a fault with a small batch of VirtualRPC-SE CDs (numbers 12019-VRP to 12028-VRPC inclusive) which have a faulty version of HostFS included.

The fault shows itself if the user has VirtualRPC in a window and click on the 'Tools' option along the top of the VirtualRPC window and then clicks on 'Options'. VirtualRPC will then crash when it tries to open the options window.

This update is supplied as a Windows .zip file with replacement components and instructions.
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