VirtualRPC-AdjustSA for Mac Downloads

This page contains links to downloadable updates for users running VirtualRPC-AdjustSA natively on Mac OS X. Please note that these updates are not suitable for users running the Windows version of VirtualRPC via Boot Camp or Parallels. In order to install these updates you must be running a full release version of VirtualRPC for the Mac with a CD serial number of 800401 or higher. If your CD serial number is lower than 800401 then you need to return your VirtualRPC-AdjustSA for Mac CD to VirtualAcorn for a free upgrade.

VirtualRPC Updates

IMPORTANT: Installing these updates

Please note that the updates on this page need to be applied in the order they are listed. Some updates are designed to be run under MacOS X and will have a Mac Icon. Some updates are designed to be installed from RISC OS (but can be downloaded under Mac OS X) and will have a RISC OS icon.
The updates perform cumulative actions, so if you run updates out of sequence later updates will fail to install. So find the earliest update that you need, install that, then install all the other updates that follow, even if you don't currently feel that you need them. Before installing any updates find your CD serial number (it's printed on your CD) and check which is the earliest update you need, then install all the updates from that point onwards.


CD Serial No.  Date Upgrade Title

Size 70Kb
VirtualRPC-AdjustSA July 2008 Internet Bundle update

This update includes an updated version of the Internet plugin:
  • Fixes failure to connect to a network using Omniclient and LanMan98.
  • Couple of minor bug fixes designed to resolve e-mail client problems reported by users.

Size 10Kb
MacPop Beta Release 1

This RISC OS format .zip file contains a beta version of MacPop. This is designed to provide similar functionality to !DrivePop on the Windows versions of VirtualRPC.
  • Scan and mount storage devices connected to the Mac directly under RISC OS.
  • Especially useful for Pen drives and external harddiscs.

Size 10Kb
Mac Keyboard Driver Release 1

This RISC OS format .zip file contains a version of iMacKeyboard. This is designed to allow RISC OS to correctly access the standard Mac keyboard layout. For example the "quote" and "at" keys are reversed between Apple and RISCOS keyboards. With this update installed RISC OS will get the keypress that's shown printed on the physical key.
iMacKeyboard was written by Dave Bennet and is Freeware
  • Correctly maps the Mac keyboard to RISC OS.
  • "Swaps" the position of certain keys
  • Enter the # character using ALT 3 (as per Mac OS X).


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