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 Post subject: Slow booting/disc access
PostPosted: Thu Apr 30, 2009 3:44 pm 

Joined: Mon Sep 27, 2004 11:52 pm
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Location: Lancashire, UK
Hi, I'm trying to fix a copy of VirtualRPC-SE running on my mums Laptop (HP nx6110). It's been running fine for quite some time, then it wouldn't boot comming up with an error something along the lines of !Boot not found missing file (or something similar). I discovered that an ADFS disc partition had been created, so I clicked on the file to set it back to boot from HostFS. Since doing this it takes ages to boot up - running very slow, but it seems to be as if it's the disc access speed that is having a problem, as when an application is up and running I can drag around the window and desktop redraw is as fast as usual and most action seem responsive as usual, so long as nothing acesses the harddrive.

I'm wondering if it's down to some settings being wrong (which I seem to recall fixed a similar speed issue in the past). I've re-applied/OKed the VirtualAcorn setting is from Tool->Options, and also gone through some CMOS config settings in RISC OS, but nothing yet has fixed it. This is the current *Status output - can anyone spot anything that look wrong?

Configuration status:

Baud       4
No Caps
Data       4
Delay      32
No Directory
DumpFormat 4
FontSize   64K
Ignore     10
Language   10
Mode       Auto
MonitorType Auto
MouseStep  2
MouseType  0
Print      1
PrinterBufferSize 32K
RamFsSize  0K
Repeat     9
RMASize    0K
ScreenSize 160K
SpriteSize 0K
Sync       Auto
SystemSize 8K
TV         0,1
WimpMode   Auto
FileSystem HostFS
Truncate   on
Territory 1
TimeZone +0:0
WimpFlags  111
WimpFont   8
WimpDragDelay  5 * 1/10 second
WimpDragMove  32 OS Units
WimpDoubleClickDelay  10 * 1/10 second
WimpDoubleClickMove  32 OS Units
WimpAutoMenuDelay  10 * 1/10 second
WimpMenuDragDelay  10 * 1/10 second
WimpIconBarSpeed  200 OS Units / second
WimpIconBarAcceleration  100 OS Units / second??
WimpSpritePrecedence  RAM
WimpButtonType  Click
WimpIconiseButton  Off
WimpAutoFrontIconBar  On
WimpAutoFrontDelay  5 * 1/10 second
WimpAutoScrollDelay  5 * 1/10 second
Cache      on
ADFSbuffers 0
ADFSDirCache 128K
Drive      4
Floppies   0
IDEDiscs   0
Step       3
FontMax1   16 points
FontMax2   36 points
FontMax3   36 points
FontMax4   0 points
FontMax5   0 points
FontMax    256k
Country    UK
SoundSystem  16bit Oversampled
SoundDefault 1 7 1
BootNet    Off
CDROMBuffers 32K
CDROMDrives 0

Also, I notice in even if I delete the file, after running VA, a new HardDisc4.hdf file is being created in Models\Arm7 RISC OS 4 (JIT)
Is this correct, or is there something set that is still trying to use an ADFS disc image?

Any help much appreciated as I've got to try an fix this before my folks come back off their holidays and want their computer back.

 Post subject: Re: Slow booting/disc access
PostPosted: Fri May 01, 2009 11:06 am 
Site Admin

Joined: Wed Oct 23, 2002 12:16 pm
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The initial error about "File &.!Boot not found" would indicate that the RISC OS CMOS file had got corrupted or blanked.

The solution is to run the CMOS Restore application which can be found in the Utilities section of the VirtualAcorn installation CD. Quit VRPC. Insert the VirtualAcorn CD. Wait for the menu to load, then click on the utilities section and then run the app to restore the CMOS.

If you delete the ADFS harddisc4 file then VirtualRPC will re-create a file of the correct size on a re-start. This is correct behaviour. Unless you have a backup then anything on the original ADFS hard disc image will now have been lost.

Reverse the changes you have been making and then run CMOS Restore.

 Post subject: Re: Slow booting/disc access
PostPosted: Fri Feb 25, 2011 1:26 pm 

Joined: Mon Aug 02, 2010 8:37 pm
Posts: 9
I'm very grateful for this tip. Photoshop Elements froze while SA-VRPC was minimized and Ctrl/Alt/Del couldn't clear it. In switching off it destroyed the VRPC Boot setup. Using the CMOS utility cured the problem though some setting need to be restored. Thanks.


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