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 Post subject: UAC - Once it's been on it has to stay on?
PostPosted: Wed Jul 01, 2009 3:33 pm 

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I'm the belts and braces type, and like to use every bit of security possible for my computers (for example, for my three computers I've got six external hard discs - two for each - which I use for alternating backups), so until now - except for the period in which I first installed VRPC - I've had UAC on.

Having read one of the threads, I've just tried to run VRPC with UAC off - with rather startling results:

The first time I ran VRPC after re-booting my Vista Home / SP2 notebook, it appeared to crash my machine completely - the screen resolution had changed to something like 640*480, VRPC didn't run and a window moved about the screen left a trail of windows behind.

Another re-boot, and everything is more or less back to normal - all the files I created or edited today (before switching UAC off) are still there, BUT an Ovation document with 32 pupils' photos, each with the name in a frame beneath the photo - now handles extremely sluggishly - every time I scroll, each photo that appears on the screen is rendered individually, and a line of six photos takes roughly five seconds to appear,...

...AND my own version of the hibernation problem is still there ("On resume, display logon screen" is Off).

(At least I think it's the hibernation problem - I close the notebook and wait a little; this puts the notebook into a "Ruhezustand" - "State of Rest"; I suppose that's what you call "Hibernation".)

What happens - with UAC either on or off - is that VRPC in a window works without a problem, but in full screen mode the notebook wakes up to a black screen with a mouse pointer; pressing a number of keys eventually brings up the task bar - with the rest of the screen still black - with VRPC's icon; on VRPC's menu, the only option not greyed out is "Schlie??en" - "Close".

If I click on that, I get "Program is not responding...", then the PC is back to normal.

Is this because...

-Running VRPC fore a time while UAC is active will screw everthing up to such an extent that switching UAC off will have no effect (or actually an adverse effect), or

-because SP2 carries some further "Goodies" which make trouble for VRPC?



 Post subject: Re: UAC - Once it's been on it has to stay on?
PostPosted: Thu Jul 02, 2009 11:30 am 
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None of the above, although I am still not sure what the cause is. This was very common on early copies of Vista. When service pack 1 was released it resolved the issue for most (90%+) of users.

However you seem to be having several problems. I suggest making sure that UAC (User Account Control) is off, then un-installing the VirtualRPC. Then delete anything that's got left behind so that the:

C:\program files\virtualacorn\virtualrpc-adjustsa

folder is empty. Then re-install VirtualRPC and make sure UAC remains switched off.

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