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 Post subject: Differences from other versions of RISC OS
PostPosted: Fri Sep 12, 2008 8:43 am 

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This may be worthy of several threads but all the following problems I've
only ever experienced with Adjust:

There are several aspects of Adjust which mess up things that I have used
for many years. So far I have discovered:
1. Drag and drop of certain writable icons no longer works so now I cannot
duplicate macros in my KlikMacro program which I've used all day, every
day since 1997
2. Programs using Wimp_Poll/Idle null reason code to for various
reasons (e.g. Help, Tiger and KlikMacro) now *sometimes* consume 100%
CPU whereas on all other versions of RISC OS they only ever consume 1
or 2%. *
3. Programs that use Ctrl-V for various purposes no longer work because
the clipboard seems to consume the keypresses (e.g. StrongEd and
Prophet as well as Edit).
4. Drags from Tiger to other apps now opens the RamDisc Filer window and
always uses Filer confirm dialogue box even though this is not set as
the default.

All these things are different from all other versions of RISC OS that I
have and they are extremely annoying.

I MUST get these these back to the way they used to work or I'm going to
have to go back to using VRPC-SE or VRPC-SA with RISC OS 4.02. So far I
have not discovered anything that I would regard as an advantage of Adjust
(it all seems to be cosmetic, like rounded button icons - which actually
mess up the appearance where icon attributes are dynamically changed).

Has anyone got any suggestions as to how to revert these things back to
the original RISC OS functionality?

* This consumption of 100% CPU is worth more explanation because its
weird. For example, I start VRPC and all is well, I use it for a few
simple editing and housekeeping tasks and while I'm typing I notice that
the respponse to keypresses gets sluggish. I look at the Windows CPU
usage and its 50% (100% of one core). I stop various tasks running in
RISC OS (eg. Help, Tiger, KlikMacro which all use WimpPoll/Idle null
reason code) and the CPU usage drops. Since I can modify the source of
KlikMacro and Tiger I cut out possible offending bits of code and run
again. Always CPU usage is OK. I then re-enable the code that was cut
out and its still OK (until sometime later when the same thing happens).
This behaviour is unique to Adjust - its fine on every other version
of RISC OS from version 3 to 5.

 Post subject: Re: Differences from other versions of RISC OS
PostPosted: Fri Sep 12, 2008 10:13 am 
Site Admin

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In most cases these comments would probably be best addressed to RISCOS Ltd, or via the RISCOS Select Google Group. However I will do my best to help with some of them:

1. The drag and drop might be getting confused by the "Text Selection" option in:
Configuration.Window.Windows.Text selection.

2. I've never seen this myself - sorry.

3. The global clipboard is a very useful extension to RISC OS, but programs do need to be written to take advantage of it. From memory I *believe* that the Global Cliboard can be disabled but having had a quick look I can't see how.

4. Again I've never seen this behavour and I've never had it happen with any of the Apps I've written.

I do think it's worth me pointing out that there is a lot more to RISC OS Adjust than "just rounded buttons". As a quick "off the top of my head" example: Support for DVD data discs, support for 256Mb of RAM, Filer Image Tumbnailing, Mouse scrolling (not on VRPC) etc.

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